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Time To Know is an Israeli company, developing one of the today’s most advanced B2B platforms for full-time education. It is widely used in Israeli and USA educational institutions.

This was a small demo project I made for this company. It was neither finished nor implemented as far as I know, so I don’t have any reliable performance data on it.
However, this topic is very interesting for me in general, and some ideas I realized in the project, I believe, are worth sharing.

The Challenge

I was challenged to create a wireframe concept for the Classroom section of the Time to Know app.

Classroom is a page where a user (teacher) can view the students in the class, the book shelf with different courses and the recent activities done by the class. A user should have also been able to view students’ detailed profiles and to manage courses or students.

As it was a solo outsource project, I was limited in any supporting resources, like team, analytics data or access to users. There also was a tight deadline, limiting me to a timeframe of three days.

Design Process

I’d had no information about the matter before, so I started with market research, analyzing the area and ways to apply the product, its competitors and users.

During this research, the general vision crystallized as to which functions should get the main accent. I believe one of the most important features of the future educational system should be personalization. In this aspect, the app should ensure the best usability of getting and managing information at the level of individual students, yet in a frame of the general educational workflow.

The topic is very broad and there are a lot of features that could be used here. However, as I was significantly limited in time, I concentrated on the main idea only within the standard app environment.

Thus, the main UI idea on which I based the design was an easy and quick transition from the individual to the group process and vice versa.

Moving forward in this direction, I based the interface on the model consisting of two screens (tabs). The user can easily and quickly switch between them, simply by sliding them sideways. In any of the states, the user sees the active tab and the functional part of the inactive one which displays the most important information.
In particular, this solution allows quickly switching from the screen of the currently running lesson to the students tab, which shows their progress and allows individual control.

View transition

The second principle I introduced related to the information architecture:

I proposed Students, Classes and Courses should be independent elements with overlapping connections. In this way, one course may be assigned to a number of classes, one class could be studying several courses, each student can be part of several classes depending on the studied courses, etc.
This scheme gives greater flexibility to manage, can be adapted to different systems of education (where the student or class is primary), and at the same time, can be easily reduced to a linear pattern with single bonds.

Edit groups
Student page
Tablet interface alternative


It was a short but interesting experience of UX development in the field of education for me. Due to the limited time, many ideas were left aside and even more thoughts and ideas about the subject I had later.

Looking back on the work I’d done, I can easily point out a number of things that could be further improved. In particular, it seems to be justified to separate the mobile and desktop interfaces, or, at least, make it closer to the modern mobile guidelines.
In addition, it should be borne in mind that a greater part of UX and functional development of such an application should lie not in the field of UI, but in the information architecture and the use of intelligent technologies – machine learning, predictive analysis, etc.

An important outcome for me here was that the reflections related to the work on this task laid a few bricks in the concept of another large-scale project in the field of education, which I hope to present sometimes in the future.

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