Lendmart Business Dashboard


Lendmart is a US-operating personal loan provider with priority to offer fast and smart solutions to customers with the best possible lending experience.

This small project was about to provide the company founders and top managers with a mobile dashboard, so they could track the most important KPIs “on the go”.

My Role

I made the interaction and visual design for the app, closely collaborated with business development and the company’s top managers as well as the development team.

Design Process

Design process

To achieve the best dashboard usefulness, the design process was built on iterative collaboration with the company’s management staff.
On the other hand, the project had a tight deadline, which forced us to quickly find solutions between the iterations. The entire process from the beginning to the transfer of the finished design to production took about two weeks.


Initial prototyping and MVP release allowed the client to better understand their needs.


* All the displayed data are not real and are given solely as an example.

During these discussions, we crystallized the most important parameters, their prioritization and the way they should be displayed. These concepts were verified and further refined through the creation of an interactive prototype and its testing by the customer.

Login flow
KPI page prototype

Design-wise, the accent was made on clarity and quick access to all the needed business information, from high-level to the detailed view.  A minimalistic UI with clear yet informative data visualization charts was supposed to solve these requirements.

Main screens
A KPI page

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The excerpt

Develop the Business Dashboard - a mobile app with an instant access to business KPIs.